7 Society-Oriented Conferences in 2019

featured image 7 Society Oriented Conferences in 2019 - 7 Society-Oriented Conferences in 2019

Conferences about social matters are the cornerstone for an advanced society. Learning about leadership, teamwork, and work efficiency is highly recommended to develop new techniques and improve at work.

Conferences about social issues such as global warming, fracking, and political discussions are also a great way to connect with the world and be updated about it. These types of conferences that deal with the issues of our society are highly important for us.

Today we are going to take a look at the best conferences about wellness, health, and social issues of this year.

Presidents Summit

An event which provides a platform for the most experienced CEOs to share their insights about leadership and creativity. Presidents Summit is recommended for those who want to hear the experience of the prestigious line of CEO speakers and how they became so successful at their jobs.

Health, Wellness, & Society

A must-attend conference about public health and the practices of it. Health, Wellness, & Society is known for dealing with interdisciplinary health sciences and medical concepts such as physiology, kinesiology, and other health sciences which are connected with a social context.

World Congress on Climate Change

A fantastic platform for professionals to discuss alternatives and projects about climate change and more related issues such as contamination, recycling, and the plastic crisis affecting our oceans.

Learn the truth about the current state of our planet by hearing the opinion from the professionals who are working in the field.

Future Festival

Future Festival is an interactive conference where the main focus is the new prototypes and ideas which might change our future and our society.

Future Festival is known for having a lot of disruptive ideas and creativity as they use an advanced workshop which is the same used at NASA for their space exploration prototypes.

TED Conferences

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is known for having interesting conferences about any type of topic. Twice a year we see how a group of impactful people come together and tell us a little more about the current issues on our planet.

TED talks are often referred to as “a journey into the future” and “a look to the future of our society”.

D&I Leaders Global Forum

D&I Leaders Global Forum is the go-to event for those organizations looking to upgrade their work and bring new strategies.

This conference is especially dedicated to subjects such as workplace diversity, teamwork at the workplace, leadership and decision making, and inclusion strategies.

People Analytics & Future of Work Conference

A great opportunity to visit San Francisco is to attend the People Analytics & Future of Work Conference.

The control of data is a key element for businesses and organizations and with People Analytics & Future of Work Conference, anyone can learn how analytics are being used to aid workers and employees of all types.

All of these conferences surround the subject of productivity and health. By attending these conferences you can enhance your knowledge and be more productive at your work.

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