6 Eye-Catching Design Events of 2019

featured image 6 Eye Catching Design Events of 2019 - 6 Eye-Catching Design Events of 2019

It is time to acknowledge the influence of fashion and design in our lives. Living in a loud and messy metropolis such as most modern cities, we can appreciate design plastered on every corner.

Whether we see someone with the latest fashion trends, a great design in a coffee shop, or simply good street art. Design is everywhere.

As a form of art, graphic design has become something more than just clothes and paintings. In today’s standards we are looking at design with another perception, which is one of the reasons why there are so many conferences about design this year.

Let’s take a ride to the most interesting design conferences and events of this year.

Imm Cologne

We are starting the year with a great design event known as the Imm Cologne. This 180 square meter space is all we need to watch the best and most elegant designs of this year. Imm Cologne is also the perfect event to meet new people who are into fashion and design trends.


This event is all about elegance, as is only being held in the beautiful city of Paris. Maisn&Object is an event dedicated to interior trends and invites the most promising young talent from a specific country.

This year they will have an edition dedicated to Chinese designers and their techniques in design.

Stockholm Design Week

Stockholm Design Week serves as the perfect excuse to visit Stockholm. This design event is considered to be one of the most important design events for Scandinavians, as it offers an international platform to showcase the best designers and their products.


Enjoy an event dedicated to consumer goods and themed trends. Ambiente is one of the highlights Frankfurt has to offer. This year’s line-up is filled with surprises as the trends discussed in the event will be quiet surroundings, joy-filled ambience, and much more yet to be announced.

Madrid Design Festival

Spain is catching up with design and fashion, as the Madrid Design Festival is a new event which is dedicated to graphic design, architecture, and product design.

Madrid Design Festival can be described as a giant celebration where creativity and technology come together to deliver the best of both worlds.

Design Indaba

Professional speakers from all around the world are invited for the Design Indaba, an event about creativity. One of the main focuses of Design Indaba is leadership and innovative problem-solving.

Design Indaba is a must-attend for those who want to learn more about design and leadership.

Design is captivating the world one city at a time. It is time to join the celebrations and attend one of these interesting events.

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