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Maybe one of your New Year resolutions is about brushing up your skills and search for a job related to social media and tech. Luckily for you, there’s a ton of interesting social media conferences where you can learn new techniques and skills for your next job.

In this list, we have the best and most professional social media events of this year. Enhance your knowledge by attending one of these interesting conferences about social media.

Social Media Week: Austin

Social Media Week is finally here! Social Media Week comes to Austin this year to give people three days filled with incredible tips on social media management and social media networking.

Social Media Week is known for having professional guests with years of experience as speakers for the event, making this conference definitely a must.

Digital Summit Seattle

This is a conference entirely dedicated to digital marketing and social media marketing. This year Seattle will host the biggest Digital Summit yet, as there will be over 50 to 60 speakers at the event, including founders of well-known companies.

Social Media Strategies Summit

A conference aimed at digital marketing professionals, as the content present in this conference is known for being a little advanced for the average audience.

Social Media Strategies Summit is known for bringing marketers from famous websites such as Linkedln, WeWork, and others to discuss the future of social media job-based platforms.

Social Media Marketing World

San Diego holds a lot of interesting events throughout the year and Social Media Marketing World is one of them.

This event is designed for those who want to learn the basics of digital marketing and social media, as it has qualified experienced marketers willing to teach about media growth and great marketing techniques.

Social Media Camp

This conference gives a special coach to a group which will help you improve your ideas about social media marketing and help you develop a new plan of action for your social media tactics. Kind of like a summer camp for grown-ups.

This list of social media events will help you develop new techniques and give you the chance to learn about the latest social media marketing trends. Contact us if you would like to learn more about exciting upcoming events.