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Lucy Bernholz, PhD, Keynote Presentation

Social Media: What Nonprofits Need to Know Right Now

Session Level: Practitioner
Speaker: Chris Mielo, ACHIEVA, Dave Tinker, CFRE, FAFP, ACHIEVA

Communicating via social media can be a great way to engage your audience. However, just like any other technology, social media is regularly updated with new tools and tricks. In this interactive session, learn about the social media trends in the nonprofit field and important changes to tools you use most often from nonprofit practitioners who use it for work and volunteering.

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Chatbots: The Future of Nonprofit Client Service?

Session Level: Novice
Facilitator: Catherine DeLoughry

Speakers: Toby Greenwalt, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; Regina McDonald Russian, The Studio at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh; Tiancheng Zhao, Ph.D candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

You’ve probably met an online chatbot ready to respond to your typed questions, but chatbot technology is evolving quickly to make conversations more like talking with a friend. What does this innovation mean for nonprofits who serve or intake clients via web and mobile interfaces? Will your next investment in better client service be a chatbot? In this session, we will bring together a panel of artificial intelligence (AI) experts and experienced nonprofit service providers to talk about how conversational AI and voice-activated applications could impact client services in the next few years.

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When Disaster Strikes: Why Nonprofits Should Have a Plan B for Business Continuity

Session Level: Novice
Speaker: Susan A. Reilly, PMP, PMI-RMP, CRMP

Nonprofit organizations, like for-profit organizations should have plans in place to protect their information, facilities, equipment, and personnel. Recovery can be a long process, but without effective planning, preparation, and some practice, an undesirable event can be a threat to an organization’s existence. This session will focus on helping participants overcome the hurdle that stops most organizations from putting plans in place: where to start? The process can seem overwhelming because there are so many factors to consider. Learn how to get started with a few simple steps.

View a business impact analysis template here

Gutenberg: The Future of WordPress is Now

Session Level: Practitioner
Speaker: Birgit Pauli-Haack, NPTechProjects

This session will feature an introduction to the new visual editor for WordPress and what to expect with WordPress 5.0 release, coming out this year. Learn what this means for your site, your content, your plugins, and your theme. This will be an informational session for WordPress website owners about coming changes that will affect the admin and content creation experience.

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Open for Business: 10 Things to Check Before Making Your WordPress Website LIVE!

Session Level: Practitioner
Speakers: Amar Trivedi, AmDee

You have done your best, working with a vendor (or doing it DIY) to create a stunning brand new website. The site looks great and you are ready to GO LIVE! Well, are you sure you have checked EVERYTHING before going live? This session will walk you through 10 most important checks before opening your brand new website to the world. You will learn some WordPress specific checks and other general checks. Once you go through this checklist, you are ready to impress the world!

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